North 5500 Half Face Respirator

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The North 5500 Half Face Respirator remains a relaxed breathing assistant even in the most stressful jobs. Provides low breathing resistance, durability and comfort.

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Respiratory protection for the occasional user, contractors or as a "visitor’s mask".

The North 5500 is the economical choice. The North 5500 has many of the same features as the 7700 mask, but made with an elastomeric material.

  • Made of an extremely soft non-allergenic elastomer for comfort and fit. Contoured sealing flange eliminates discomfort caused by pressure points on facial nerves. Design of nose area provides excellent comfort and fit.
  • Low dead air space improves worker comfort by limiting re-breathing of exhaled air.
  • Direct cartridge to facepiece seal minimizes replacement parts and simplifies maintenance.
  • Three overlapping sizes comfortably fit most users.
  • North 5500 Series Half Masks are compatible with all North cartridges, filters and accessories.
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